Central heating and plumbing

Central Heating replacement

Poor central heating not only makes for an uncomfortable home, but an old heating system can also be expensive to run. Modern systems of boilers, radiators and pipe work are more efficient and better results are gained, for money spent.

The overall cost of a replacement central heating system, will depend on a number of factors, including the quality of boiler, flues, radiators, cylinders and other variables, such as the size of the property, the number of rooms and radiators required.

Installation costs will vary, dependent on the difficulty of installing and any other extra requirements in addition to the main system, such as under floor heating, hot water storage and programing options.  A “cheap” heating system will probably cost more in the long run, than a quality installation designed and properly installed.



A quality boiler will pay dividends for the future. 

Replacing Old Hot water systems.

You can convert a conventional gravity system to a pressurised mains fed system removing the tanks in the loft and connecting the cold outlets to the balanced cold. The advantages of this is mains pressure at all hot water outlets, no shower pumps required. The cylinders can be installed on the ground floor with no reliance to gravity.


All pressurised cylinders, require a combined set of safety devices such as temperature relief, pressure relief and  multi value units which reduces pressure into the cylinder and expansion vessels both for the heating and hot water.

This is a modern hot water tank and losing minimal temperature through its installation is the most efficient way to heat your water.

  Completed installation.


The Megaflo Eco is known for reliability of being able to supply an almost endless quantity of hot water. With fast filling baths and powerful showers, it is a luxury that now everyone can enjoy. As the Megaflo Eco is connected to the cold water mains supply, hot water is available at all hot outlets, at the same pressure as the cold. The Megaflo can be installed in virtually any location in the house, without effecting the performance of the unit. Installation is a straight forward procedure and works maintenance free. The benefit of any expansion within the Megaflo Eco itself means that there are no expansion vessels on show, so a neat and professional finish is guaranteed.


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