Log burning stoves

The BABY GABRIEL stoves     Defra approved


Traditional cast iron stove, with a 4.5kW output, Defra approved.
baby-gabriel-black-enamelled-1-495x400Black Enamel finish


baby-gabriel-enamel-prewter-1-495x400Pewter finish
baby-gabriel-ivory2-1-495x400Ivory finish


The ALPHA Collection     Defra approved


The Alpha range of Defra approved Multi-fuel wood burning stoves.
84.3% burning efficiency, with superior cast iron and steel body.
With the Alpha five year Guarantee.   5.kw    8.kw   10kw 

Also available as boiler stove 9.4kw water 5.7kw room £1080
alpha-iAlpha  5kW £470
alphaAlpha 11  8kW £662
alpha-iiiAlpha 111 10kW £791
Precision Range of stoves

The Precision range of smoke control, multi fuel stoves.
Available as inset 4.9kw  £541  and inset boiler 12kw  £791
Precision 1 4.9kw  £470


Precision 2 8kw  £662
  Precision  3  10kw  £791
The Graphite Multi-Fuel range of stoves

Key features of the Graphite stove are it’s unique heat conveyor convection system, heavy duty steel body, air wash glass cleaning, multi fuel operation and extended 5 year warranty.

Available outputs  5kW   £554   8kW   £750  10kW   £879   10kW boiler   £1,162  Inset stove 4.9kW   £625  Inset boiler 4.8kW / 7.5kW   £875

 TRENT range


StovAmore  range



Wiking stoves by HWAM

HWAM A/S is a Danish family -owned company and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wood-burning stoves since the 1970’s. Today HWAM produces about 25,000 stoves annually, 80% of which are exported throughout the world.

  Wiking mini 2    £995
  Wiking mini 2 long legs  £1095

The Wiking Mini 2 is available with plinth, low legs  £995 or long legs.

Wiking Luma 1  £2,195
Wiking Luma 2  £1,895

Wiking Luma 1-2 are available wall hung bracket £55 or pedestal mount £100

Wiking Luma 3  £2,295
Wiking Luma 4  £1,995

Wiking Luma 4 is available with soapstone £2,695 or sandstone £2.845 cover.
Wiking Luma 4 with tile cover (black, white or red)
Glass floor plate £50 or steel floor plate £60

Wiking Luma 5  £2,395
Wiking Luma 6  £2,095

Wiking Luma 6 with soapstone  £2,895 0r sandstone  £3,045  cover.
Wiking Luma 6 with tile cover ( black, white and red ) £3,245
Glass floor plate  £50   Steel floor plate  £60

Wiking Miro 1  £1,395
Wiking Miro 2  £1.295

Wiking Miro 1-2 are available with wall hung bracket  £50  or pedestal  £100

Wiking Miro 3  £1,495

Wiking Miro 4  soapstone  £1,995 or  sandstone  £2,145  cover.
Wiking Miro 4  with tile cover  ( black, white or red ) £2,445
Glass floor plate  £50  Steel floor plate  £60

Wiking Miro 4  £1,395
Wiking Miro 5  £1,595
Wiking Miro 6  £1,495

Wiking Miro 6 with soapstone £2,195 or sandstone £2,345
Glass floor plate  £50   Steel floor plate  £60


The Town&Country  LITTLE THURLOW range


This stove is designed for the lower fire opening, being only 516mm high
The little Thurlow is a 5kw Multi fuel DEFRA approved with or without log store
Available with or without a curved door.

little-thurlow-curved-doorLittle Thurlow 5kw
£877    with log store  £979   curved door  £1006    with both options   £1108


The Town&Country DALBY range


The Dalby is a British made 5kW multi-fuel stove, with a burning efficiently
of 85.6%. Available with Brass or S/Steel fittings. Available in various colours.
The Dalby comes with or without log store.

dalby-500x362Dalby 5 kW

Dalby WB Smoke Control 5 kw  £1071    with log store  £1173


The Town&Country CAEDMON range

The Caedmon is a British made 7.5kW multi fuel stove with simple controls.
Two levers below the doors control the primary, secondary and tertiary air.
These take place of the spin wheels. Brass and s/steel fittings.
Caedmon is available in two widths 495mm or 554mm with the same height.
There is also an outside air kit, which is now a requirement in a lot of new builds.


caedmon-option   Caedmon 7.5kW

£1214   Caedmon option  7.5kw  £1408


The Town & Country BRANSDALE range


The Bransdale is beautifully proportioned and the multi fuel grate will
burn wood or solid fuel without any alterations to the grate. Available as
either top or rear flue outlet.

bransdale-double-sided1-500x362Bransdale 8kW

Bransdale  8kw  £1076     Bransdale double sided 8kw  £1744


The Town & Country RYEDALE range


The Ryedale is the smallest multi fuel stove from Town & Country, ideal for
a small room. The flue out can be top or rear, and although the stove is compact
the output is still 5kW.

rysdale-500x362Ryedale  5kW

Ryedale 5kw  £847


The Town & Country WELBURN range

welburn-ds-web-500x362          Welburn 10kW

The Welburn double sided glass windowed stove. Available in two styles
one low version and one higher design with a built in log store. This
stove has a curved glass, with two doors.

Welburn double sided  £2234    Welburn double sided with log store   £2443


The Town & Country RUNSWICK range


The Runswick is a inset stove designed to install without removing
the existing fireback  or alterations to the existing fireplace.
Available as Mk1, Mk2 & Mk3               4kW  Inset  stove.

runswick-mk1-500x362Runswick Mk1

Runswick inset (Mk1 & Mk2) 4kw  £849   Mk3  4kw  £947

runswick-mk3-500x362Runswick Mk3



The Town & Country HARROGATE range

The 8kW Multifuel with the taller and wider glass window, with built in air wash
which keeps the glass clearer than most other stoves.
Top flue only with 6″ flue. Brass or stainless steel handle. 80.7% Efficient.

The Town & Country Cropton range

The New Cropton 5 kw is the latest stove having the lowest emissions. The ECODESIGN stove has emission levels of only 0.05%. This ‘slimline’ 5kw stove has a larger than average body, which allows for a good view of the flames.


Cropton  5 kW WB smoke control model   £998


Town & Country WHISPERDALE range

The 5kw Whisperdale is a Multifuel burner, suitable for small to medium rooms, with it’s curved top and turbo burner, it is a efficient and clean burning stove.

Whisperdale 5 kW  £928


Oak surrounds / Beams and Tiles

We can supply and fit Oak beams and  Oak lintels of various styles and sizes.

     Vintage reclaimed oak beams.

Large selection of OAK BEAMS both lengths and widths.

beam1            beam4

eth4       beam8


Hearths / inglenooks /  and Chimney breasts

MCL can also supply and fit all forms of hearth finish such as Brick, Tile, Slate and Granite.

Real brick slips are available in a range of colours and period styles.


Brick slipping the inside of the fireplace.

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