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Wood burning and Multi fuel Stoves Service

Manufacturers advise that your stove and flue should be serviced at least once a year, to maintain the stove and flue guarantees.

During the maintenance service, the stove will be checked that the stoves component are in good working order. The external sections of the flue/virtuous pipe will also be examined.

The flue liner will be sweep with the appropriate and correct size brushes and all debris and soot vacuumed out. The flue and stove will be smoke tested after being sweep. Once the stove has been cleaned, any signs of wear and marks can be sprayed out to give the stove a fresh new look.




All this debris was removed from the chimney during the sweep.


Preparing stove for sweeping.  Stove serviced and under test.


Log burning stove undergoing major refurbishment service.


The charge for this service is £65.00 + vat

 Gas Boiler Annual Service

It is recommended by all manufacturers that their appliances are serviced annually to both maintain the efficiency and warranty of the boiler.


The charge for this service is  £65.00 plus vat.

Combined Wood burning stove and Gas Boiler Service







The charge for this service is  £100.00 plus vat.


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