New Boiler installation


Gas Boilers

MCL Heating Ltd. is a registered Gas Safe installer.


Buying a new boiler is a big and expensive decision.


Gas boilers

Choose a reliable brand of boiler, break downs and repairs can be expensive.

It pays to invest in a good quality boiler, rather than pay expensive call out charges and repair costs. Average repair costs,  according to surveys are £200,  whereas a good quality boiler is likely to be fault free for up to 6 years.

Prices vary greatly from £500 – £1500 +, but the cost of the boiler is only one part of the overall expense.

Ideal Gas boiler

MCL Heating recommends Ideal boilers with their 7 years Warranty.

In order to ensure that your gas boiler lasts as long as it should and provides good efficiency, you need to service it at least once per year.

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Oil Boilers

There are a number of oil boilers available, that can be installed both inside the house or outside, in a purpose built cabinet. These can be heat only and combination condensing types. Most oil-fired combination boilers have an internal hot water store to supply domestic hot water. Oil is a highly efficient fuel and you get a good return on the cost of the fuel. Modern oil boilers are now 90% or more efficient.

Most condensing oil-fired boilers are floor standing, with only the odd wall mounted version available, but they can be installed both inside or outside the property or in an outside building, such as a garage.

In some rural regions of the UK, oil is a popular alternative where gas is not available. Oil fired central heating is used in ‘wet’ heating systems, where the boiler heats water to provide hot water and heating to radiators. The heating system is supplied with oil, which will be from a storage tank somewhere close to the house.

Oil fired boilers need to be plumbed in to allow the acidic condensate liquid to drain away.

External free standing Oil boiler








Grant Vortex Blue condensing Oil boiler, floor standing  internal unit.

Grant Vortex Pro External combination Oil boiler.

Firebird external free standing Oil boiler.

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